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About Our Agency

We are an insurance agent/brokerage firm providing commercial insurance, personal insurance, employee benefits, life insurance, personal health insurance, disability insurance, annuities, and business consulting.

Vantage Business Support & Insurance Services was created to help educate our customers and communities to the reasons why insurance is needed, how to purchase the proper insurance, and how to understand what an insurance policy covers. With over 75 years of combines insurance experience providing the kinds of insurance that protect the assets for our commercial and individuals clients, Vantage works to match the broadest, affordable insurance to our client’s needs.


We do more than sell insurance and provide business support services. Our goals are to educate communities about insurance, help businesses survive unforeseen events, and to be a resource for individuals to secure their future. With the combination of education and proper insurance, we feel our customers can exceptional clients because they will better understand what they are buying, why it is necessary, and be in a position to be proactive and knowledgeable in selecting the proper insurance.

We will continually work to make our web site a resource for clients and potential clients to use to gain knowledge about insurance coverages and how they apply to the client specific need (s).

As your provider of choice, we will design custom insurance plans for you. We address the niche marketing and risk classes that are preferred by our carriers. By strategizing with affinity groups, associations, individuals, and with our insurance carriers; your coverage problems are solved.

As your resource, we will help you understand what you are purchasing and understand the correlation between losses from claims, premiums paid, and other factors that affect the cost of your insurance. Our goal is to take the mystery out of insurance.

Vantage Business Support & Insurance Services offers a one-stop selection experience for businesses and individuals by helping you secure coverage you need. You can rely on Vantage team’s expertise and commitment to help you transfer risk, reduce risks, or eliminate risks completely because we look to provide asset protection through the insurance products available for all possible contingencies.

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